Improvised Opera

Impropera specialise in providing improvised opera to any occasion. Creating a new show from scratch at each and every performance, they can devise a never-before-seen musical production from absolutely anything. Working with audience suggestions – from phrases to keywords or scenarios – the six wonderfully inventive performers embark on an operatic journey that has to be seen to be believed. Expect stunning live musical accompaniment, moments of hilarious comedy and some of the finest opera voices in the country as Impropera set to work creating the musical of your imagination.

Unlike many other improvised musical troupes, Impropera focuses on the sensational music as opposed to the comedy that will undoubtedly occur. By choosing to focus on this particular aspect of the production, audiences are gifted with a sensational musical performance each and every time, with the improvised element not only making their show more accessible to guests but also providing humour as the performers seek to rhyme a word chosen from the audience or work to craft a vital plot point into the story.

A huge success globally, Impropera has been performed in numerous beautiful locations around the world and works particularly well in museums and galleries. Muso, a project devised by the Impropera team, sought to teach new audiences about items and treasures that can be found in museums with the performers delivering their own improvisational opera on what the artifacts might have been used for before a museum researcher or lecturer informs guests of their true purpose. Great fun and hugely informative, Muso provided an explosive collaboration between education and entertainment that placed the audience at the very centre of the piece.

Impropera is an excellent form of entertainment that will provide a never-before-seen opera that will never-be-seen-again. A one of a kind troupe quite unlike anything else available, Impropera is the perfect choice for numerous events.

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