Edible Balloons



Edible Balloons are a brand new form of ‘nourishmentertainment’ for any event! One hundred percent edible, including the string (which may very well remind guests of a strawberry bootlace), the Edible Balloons are made in front of your eyes and filled with helium to ensure maximum hilarity once you take your first bite.

For those who could never quite blow a decent bubble with their bubble gum, this is the food for you.  Can you eat the balloon without it covering half your mouth or will you be left covered in balloon residue with a sticky face and hands? No matter what happens, the squeaky voice that follows will only add to the occasion! The edible balloons are truly Willy Wonka magic brought to life!

Great fun for all ages, the edible balloons come in a host of different flavours from apple pie through to chocolate cookie and more. Bespoke branding options are available, so the limit is your imagination!

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