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After-dinner speaker David Fishwick is an entrepreneur who rose to fame as the star of Channel Four’s The Bank of Dave, an observational documentary that saw him embark on a mission to create his own bank and bring it into profit within 180 days to prove that there are alternatives to the more traditional banking system.

A businessman by trade, David is a self-made millionaire who started and currently runs one of the largest van and minibus sales companies in the UK and his since built up a property portfolio. He is perfectly happy to talk about what is required to start a business from the ground up, noting what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to deal with stress and setbacks, as well as how to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, which David once again faced when working on setting up the bank that bore his name.

David’s approach was to think locally. His business model of lending to small businesses who were struggling to secure financing alongside offering practical advice was particularly noteworthy and brought David to profit within his six month target. Alongside the television programme, Dave also wrote an accompanying book that appeared on the Sunday Times Business bestseller list.

With a likeable persona, David Fishwick is a superb speaker and is also able to talk about his other ventures into television. Dave: Loan Ranger saw him tackled the payday lenders and the dangers of spiralling debt whilst Dave’s Guide to Spending Money saw him ponder whether the goods and services many of us buy are actually worth it.  

A superb conference and after-dinner speaker, David is happy to talk about business, finance and entrepreneurialism. His determination, ambition and charming persona inspires audiences from all over the world, whilst his key lessons on businesses can be transferred to numerous other industries.


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  • Book David Fishwick for events, book David Fishwick as a speaker, book David Fishwick as a keynote speaker


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