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Bounder & Cad

From holy beginnings in Cambridge choirs, dissolute duo Adam Drew and Guy Hayward formed a two-man Rat Pack to croon Sinatra songs at college balls- but inspired by the wicked wit of Kit Hesketh-Harvey (of Kit & the Widow / McConnell), they soon turned to writing original lyrics- thus Bounder & Cad was born.

Their first offering (a parody of Disney's Prince Ali) did not go viral on YouTube- but attracted the attention of a professional Prince Harry impersonator, leading to an unlikely collaboration which featured in international media. Opportunity came knocking again when they were invited to perform at the 10 Downing St Christmas party. Their satirical rewrite of Me And My Shadow had to be previewed by the PM's aides, and was vetoed (but just might have been performed anyway...).

Since then, their 'laser-sharp' songs have taken them on adventures such as performing on the dancefloor at Annabel's, dicing with injunctions at 'Downton Abbey', dedicating a bespoke song at a lingerie model's birthday party, playing at notorious Chelsea nightclub Maggie’s, distracting from accidental ham sandwiches at a barmitzvah, sharing the stage at The Phoenix Club with Fascinating Aida's Adele, and performing in a very small room for five people who included Tim Henman.

They have also played to packed houses at the Crazy Coqs (Brasserie Zédel) and at the Pizza Express Pheasantry, and are delighted to be reprising their rave-reviewed show 'Warning: Implicit Content'- 70 minutes of original lyrics revelling in the risqué, with velvety tones and the razzmatazz of jazz piano wunderkind Ben Comeau. Imagine Noel Coward meets Dean Martin (over many martinis), then Fats Waller joins for a jaunty jam.

Other upcoming gigs include the Chelsea Arts Club, the Petworth Festival, and the Watermill Theatre's cabaret season, so book them now to avoid disappointment!

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"Flanders and Swann, Kit and the Widow … Every generation needs a classy, charming, original, fresh-faced, stylish and witty musical double act. We’ve found ours: Bounder & Cad.” - Gyles Brandreth