The Beatbox Collective


Vocal Ensemble

The Beatbox Collective are the official world beatbox champions and are perfect for a corporate event, awards ceremony or private party. Able to scale from one person to an ensemble of six, they will amaze and inspire as they deliver tune after tune with nothing but their beatbox talent.

Collectively the group have performed at and won nearly every beatbox competition on the planet alongside many other notable accolades including a TED talk and their very show which received numerous five star reviews.  In addition to this, they have played the likes of Glastonbury and Bestival to vast crowds of festival goers.

Formed in 2012, the Beatbox Collective were crowned the Official World Beatbox Champions just three years later and have since performed at numerous high profile awards shows from New York to Mexico City, collaborated for TV adverts and ran workshops and team building opportunities.

Hugely entertaining, we highly recommend enquiring about the Beatbox Collective and finding out exactly how they can impress at your event. From short performances to longer showcases, they really are one of the best beatbox options around. From the Royal Albert Hall to the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, they have played at some of the most beautiful venues around and your party could be next.

Their live performances must be seen to believed! Expect the unexpected with out of this world soundscapes combined with some physical theatrics, originally composed musical pieces and recognisable, well-known medleys that will rattle your ribcage, shake up your chakras and melt your mind!

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